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Oxydendrum arboreum (Sourwood) 3 gal

Oxydendrum arboreum (Sourwood) 3 gal

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  • White flowers bloom in early summer
  • Butterflies and native bees love the nectar
  • Multi-season interest
  • Outstanding red, fall color
  • Deer resistant

It's a crime how underused this American Beauties tree is considering how rewarding, how attractive, and how easy to grow it is. It's always an eye-opener to see a mature specimen with its narrow form, deep green, peach-like foliage, its outstanding bloom, and its riveting fall color. Sourwood's clean foliage is a cooling presence in the landscape and great protection for your landscape's birds. It also is the perfect background for its sprays of small, white, lily of the valley-like flowers that are borne on long, terminal, drooping strings in July and August. These slightly fragrant flowers are a magnet for native insects and butterflies and stand out as one of the few trees with a considerable summer bloom. Sourwood follows up its summer show with an incredible display of fall color with a searing burst of deep crimson foliage. Sourwood thrives in full sun or partial shade is nearly pest free, and is ready to make your landscape a better place for you and your garden critters!

Color: White Shades
Height: 25-30 Feet
Spread: 15-20 Feet
Zone: 5-9