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Delivery Info


  • Deliveries now include a $5 fuel surcharge.
  • Please note that during peak season deliveries are generally at least one week out from the date of order and we do not deliver on the weekends.
  • Due to NYS DOT weight regulations and the size of our dump trucks there are limits on how much we can fit in a truck. The maximum we can fit per delivery is 5 yards for mulch, 4 yards for soil, and 3 yards for stone.

  • If you need more than the max you will have to pay for multiple deliveries. If you are getting two or more types of bulk material that you do not want mixed together, you will have to pay for multiple deliveries.
    (i.e.: If you are purchasing mulch and pea stone, there is no way for us to keep them separated on the truck so they will have to be done in separate deliveries.)

  • For multiple deliveries you can complete multiple orders (i.e.: if you need 8 yards of mulch, complete an order for 4 yards plus delivery then make another order for 4 yards plus delivery) OR you must call in to pay for additional delivery fees over the phone or list in the notes you need multiple deliveries with your phone number and we will reach out.

  • If you do not see your town delivery price listed at checkout please call the store at 845-876-8606.