Organic from the start, sustainable for the future.


We carry a magnitude of seeds which at this time would be too cumbersome to add to our online shopping experience at this time. We carry Botanical Interests, Renee's Garden, Southern Exposure, and the Hudson Valley Seed Company. All seeds are untreated and non-GMO, many are USDA certified organic.

Please call the store at 845-876-8606 or email to place seed orders. 
Please let us know if you will accept substitutions. 
We can not guarantee the availability of anything on this list.
This is not an all-inclusive list, other varieties may be available.

Arugula Rocket Org
Arugula Wild Rocket
Bean Bush French Tavera Org
Bean Bush Royal Burgundy Org
Bean Southern Cowpea Blackeye
Beet Early Wonder Org
Beet Gourmet Blend Org
Beet Touchstone Gold Org
Bok Choy Tatsoi Rosette Org
Broccoli Di Cicco Org
Carrot Calliope Blend
Carrot Carnival Blend Org
Carrot Little Finger Org
Carrot Scarlet Nantes Org
Cucumber English Telegraph
Cucumber Homemade Pickles Org
Cucumber Marketmore Org
Cucumber Spacemaster
Cucumber Straight Eight Org
Cucumber Tasty Green Org
Kale Italian Nero Toscana Org
Kale Premier Blend
Kale Red Russian Org
Lettuce Butterhead Marvel Org
Lettuce Butterhead Tom Thumb
Lettuce Crisphead Great Lakes
Lettuce Leaf Oak Leaf Blend Org
Lettuce Mesclun Farmer's Market
Lettuce Mesclun Grmt Baby Org
Lettuce Mesclun Valentine Org
Melon Hales Best Jumbo Org
Melon Hearts of Gold Org
Mustard Spinach Tendergreen
Pepper Chile Shishito Org
Pumpkin Big Max Org
Pumpkin Sugar Pie Org
Radish Cherry Belle Org
Spinach Bloomsdale Org
Squash Summer Black Beauty Org
Squash Summer Cocozelle Org
Squash Summer Round Zucchini
Squash Winter Acorn Tble King
Squash Winter Red Kuri Org
Squash Winter Waltham Butternut
Swiss Chard Bright Lights
Tomato Bush Roma Italian Org
Tomato Pole Beefsteak Org
Tomato Pole Pineapple
Basil Italian Genovese Org
Basil Italian Large Leaf
Basil Lettuce Leaf
Basil Thai Sweet Thai Org
Cilantro / Coriander Org
Dill Bouquet Org
Arugula Rocket Org
Bean Bush (green) Provider Org
Kale Premier Blend
Lettuce Mesclun Chef's Choice
Lettuce Mesclun Sassy Salad
Spinach Bloomsdale Org

Shady Meadow Mix Shaker

All Stars Kale Mix

Arnica Meadow

Basil Sacred

Bean Dragon's Tongue

Bean Emerite Pole

Bean Red Noodle

Bee Friendly Meadow Mix Shaker

Bird Lover's Meadow Mix Shaker


Cabbage Zozaki Chinese

Chard Rainbow


Colorscape Meadow Mix Shaker

Dill Mammoth Long Island

Edamame Soybean Panther

Edible Flower Mix

For the Birds Flower Mix

Gherkin Mexican Sour

Good Bug Blooms

Ground Cherry Aunt Molly's

Kale Ragged Jack

Lettuce Italienischer

Lettuce Joker

Lettuce Mix Little Gem


 Metta Lettuce Mix


Pollinator Petal Patch

Poppy Breadseed Mix

Salad Savor

Shishito Pepper

Spinach Abundant Bloomsdale

Spinach Bloomsdale

Squash Black Futsu

Stinging Nettle

Thyme German

Watermelon Radish

Watermelon Sweet Siberian

Wild Bergamot

Zinnia Gift


Bean French Filet Haricot Vert

Bean Lima Worchester Indian Red

Bean Snap Buff Valentine Bush

Broccoli Raab Sorrento

Collard Alabama Blue

Corn Sweet Ashworth

Cucumber Pickling Arkansas Little


Gherkin Mexican Sour

Green Orach Magenta Magic

Greens Asian Tokyo Behana

Greens Endive Escarole Batavian

Lettuce Cosmo Romaine

Lettuce Drunken Women Loose Leaf

Lettuce Thai Oakleaf Loose Leaf

Muskmelon Delicious 51

Muskmelon Edisto 47

Pepper Hot Ancho Poblano

Purslane Golden

Radish Black Spanish Round

Radish Misato Rose

Rhubarb Victoria

Roselle Thai Red Early

Squash North Georgia Candy Roaste

Squash Thelma Sanders' Sweet Pota

Squash Yellow Crookneck Summer

Tomato German Johnson

Tomato Oxheart

Watermelon Strawberry



Amaranth Love Lies Bleeding

Arugula Runway Serrated

Arugula Rustic Organic

Arugula True Italian Organic

Arugula Wasabi

Asclepias Bright Wings

Basil Container Spice Organic

Basil Italian Genovese

Basil Italian Pesto

Basil Salad Leaf

Basil Scented Trio

Bean Bush Castandel Weekend

Bean Bush Classic Slender

Bean Bush Royalty Purplepod Org

Bean Nickel Filet French Bush

Bean Pole Emerite Organic

Bean Pole Spanish Musica Organic

Bean Rattlesnake Purple Pole

Bean Robin Hood Fava

Bean Runner Magic Beanstalk

Beekeeper Flower Mix Early Bloom

Beet Jewel-Toned Blend

Beet Striped Chioggia Organic

Borage Blue

Broccoli Rapini Organic

Cabbage Baby Napa Little Jade

Cabbage Conehead

Calendula Flashback

Cardinal Climber Vine

Cat Grass Mix Organic

Celery Seasoning Amsterdam

Chard Baby Leaf

Chard Peppermint Stick

Chervil Fancy French

Chives Culinary Organic

Chives Garlic Organic

Cilantro Organic

Cleome Color Fountain

Cornflower Blue Boy

Cosmos Sonata Knee High

Cosmos White Seashells

Cucumber Armenian Heirloom

Cucumber Baby Persian

Cucumber Pickling Endeavor

Daisy Chocolate Heirloom

Dill Leafy Diana Organic

Exotic Love Vine

Fennel Bulbing Romanesco Organic

Fennel Pollinator Butterfly

Forget-Me-Not Azure Bluebird

Four O'Clocks Teatime

Foxglove Carousel Mix

Gourd Crafter's Mix

Greens Frisee Glory

Greens Quick Stirfry Mix Organic

Greens Tatsoi Asian

Heliotrope Marine

Hollyhock Black Watchman

Kale Baby Leaf Tuscan

Kale Container Green Curls

Kale Lacinato Organic

Kale Mars Landing

Kale Purple Moon Organic

Larkspur Singing The Blues

Lavender Spanish

Leek French Baby Primor

Leek Striesen Organic

Lettuce Butterhead Kagraner Organ

Lettuce Container Garden Babies

Lettuce Container Romaine

Lettuce Flashy Trout Back Organic

Lettuce Heirloom Cutting Mix

Lettuce Merveille De 4 Saisons

Lettuce Monet's Garden Mesclun

Lettuce Queen of Crunch

Lettuce Romaine Caesar Duo

Lettuce Summer Bouquet

Lettuce Sweet Greens & Reds

Lettuce Wine Country Mesclun

Mache Gala

Marjoram Sweet

Melon Cantaloupe Mini Sugar Cube

Moonflower Vine Scented

Morning Glory Early Call

Morning Glory Grandpa Ott's

Morning Glory Mailbox Mix

Nasturtium Alaska Mix

Nasturtium Amazon Jewel

Nasturtium Copper Sunset

Nasturtium Empress of India

Nasturtium Vanilla Berry

Nigella Bride's Veil

Onion Scallions Italian

Oregano Italian

Oregano White Flowered Greek Orga

Parsley Heirloom Italian Large

Parsley Sweet Curly

Parsnip English Gladiator

Pea Snap Magnolia Blossom

Pea Snow Oregon Giant

Pea Snow Oregon Sugar Pod

Pea Sugar Snap

Pepper Chile Numex Joe Parker

Pepper Chile Tibetan Lhasa

Pepper Jalapeno Chile

Pepper Spanish Padron

Poppy California Buttercream

Poppy California Copper Pot

Poppy Heirloom Pepperbox

Poppy Lauren's Dark Grape

Poppy Legion of Honor

Pumpkin Autumn Gold & Spookie

Pumpkin Rouge Vif Organic

Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine

Radish Easter Egg Mix

Radish Five Color Garden Party

Radish German Giant Organic

Radish Pink Beauty Organic

Radish Round Red

Rutabaga Helenor

Sage Culinary

Salpiglossis Stained Glass

Salvia Bee Heaven

Scatter Can Annual Wildflowers

Scatter Can Cover Crop

Scatter Can Pollinators

Snapdragon Tall Summer Flame

Spinach Container Little Hero

Spinach Gangbusters Organic

Spinach Japanese Giant

Spinach Long Standing

Squash Bush Summer Scallop Organi

Squash Winter Baby Spaghetti

Squash Winter Delicata Organic

Strawberry Alpine Pineapple

Sunflower Birds & Bees

Sunflower Cinnamon Sun

Sunflower Garnet Star

Sunflower Heirloom Titan

Sunflower Mammoth Edible Organic

Sunflower Musicbox Short

Sunflower Snack Seed

Sweet Pea Electric Blue

Sweet Pea Queen of the Night

Sweet Pea Strawberry Fields


Thyme Creeping

Thyme English Organic

Thyme French Culinary

Tithonia Butterfly Torch

Tomatillos Mexican

Tomato Cherry Sungold

Viola Edible Johnny Jump Up

Watermelon Personal Mini Love

Zinnia Berry Basket

Zinnia Blue Point Mix

Zinnia Cha-Cha-Cha Butterfly

Zinnia Cut & Come Again

Zinnia Granny's Bouquet

Zinnia Green Envy Heirloom

Zinnia Moulin Rouge

Zinnia State Fair Gold Medal